60mm Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel for Caravan and Trailer

Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel with such goods for a long time, Jiangsu Renmin Machines & Tools is a reputable producer . 60mm Jockey Wheel 300 Kg with a Clamp Holder/Clip. SO, We adhere to the maxim “customer first” and. Place a strong emphasis on excellent customer support and quality control. We must build brand value to draw in more customers. Order to successfully establish our global brand status in important product categories.

ForCaravan Jockey Wheel And Heavy Duty Jockey Wheel, Jiangsu Renmin Machines & Tools has professional. Engineers and technical staff to answer your questions about maintenance issues, some common failures. And excellent disfigurement from the manufacturing process. Any inquiries about the products, price reductions, or product quality assurance.

Long lifetime is ensure by a galvanized rust-resistant finish Design of a swivel-side mount To change the jockey wheel’s height, simply release the handle Simply lock for storage that is safe able to be supplie with u-bolts or welded

The standard range, which all have zinc finishes and solid rubber wheels, is likely China’s most well-known and best-value line of jockey wheels.

In terms of trailers and caravans, jockey wheels are crucial. Once they are remove from the towing vehicle, they permit the trailer’s nose to continue to be raise. So, This is necessary for both hitching and unhitching and also makes it possible to maneuver the trailer without a towing vehicle. So, The Caravan Jockey Wheel may occasionally need to be replace, so it’s crucial to choose the right one.


Trailer Jockey Wheel

Trailer Stabilizers

Caravan Jockey Wheel

Mounting Clamp

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