Advantages of Vacuum Cooling of Fruits and Vegetables

The food processing business has the particular issue of preserving vegetables for shipment. Produce has a finite window of freshness after harvest. Produce must be delivere. To grocery stores as fresh as possible. so, These are some benefits of Vacuum Cooling of Fruits and Vegetables.

Rapid cooling rate

The vacuum precooling method stands out for its quick precooling speed. Even after packing and before precooling. The temperature of the majority of green vegetables may be lowere to 4-5 degrees in 20–30 minutes. On broadleaf plants. so, the vacuum precooling effect is particularly evident.

Uniform cooling

The moisture in the fruits and vegetables may evaporate and absorb the body’s stored field heat simultaneously. so,  due to the balanced pressure at each place in the precooling box, which results in a highly even cooling of the, Vegetable Vacuum Cooling provides uniform cooling.

Little energy use

The cooling medium in the system does not need to be remove, and the vacuum reduces heat input from the environment.


The fruits and vegetables are kept clean since air can only enter when the chilling vacuum chamber is opened. The product may be held at a temperature between one and three degrees precisely controlling the absolute pressure during the cooling process.

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