How to Avoid Cooker Hood Damage and Cracks?

Knowing the most frequent causes of Glass Top Gas Stove stove cracking may help you avoid harm.

Use the right cookware first

Use lightweight utensils with flat, smooth bottoms. Pots and pans constructed of heavy-duty aluminum or stainless steel are your best bet.

Avoid using copper and enameled pots as cookware. These frequently leave behind residue, which can accumulate on your cooktop and eventually do more harm.

Cookware made of cast iron, porcelain, and ceramic tends to be heavy and have rough bottoms, which increases the risk of scratches when dragged across a glass stove top.

Glass Top Gas Stove

After each use, tidy

Spills of food should be cleaned up right away. However, ensure the cooktop is off and has completely cooled before doing so to avoid chemical damage or burn hazards.

Additional Advice to Prevent Cracks & Scratches

• Avoid storing bulky items above your stove, such as ceramic or glass dishes that could break and break the glass.

Do not slip when putting or removing pots and pans from the stovetop.

• Preserving the cleanliness of the pan and pot bottoms. Additionally, take care to prevent impact damage when transferring pots between burners.

• To extend your stove's life, follow the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations.

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