Industrial & Laboratory Glove Types: A guide to choosing the right glove for your work needs

Weather Balloon, Industrial Gloves, and latex examination gloves protect the hands from exposure to harmful chemicals and other substances. They are typical made of a stret material that allow them to fit tight over the hand. This makes them ideal for workers who handle dangerous or sensitive materials daily.
Although each glove has its unique benefits, Butyl Rubber Gloves may be the best option if you want protection against water, caustics, and oils. They resist tears and offer good grip-ability even when wet. In addition, they are effective in protecting your skin from burns and other injuries cause by chemical spills or contact with raw materials.

Weather Balloon

Butyl Gloves can also help prevent injuries from corrosive gases or solvents used in manufacturing processes. These gloves provide excellent insulation against heat and cold, often worn during abrasive tasks like car washing or welding.

How to choose an appropriate one for your needs?

First-responder gloves: These gloves are often use by paramedics, firefighters, or other emergency service personnel who must handle potentially harmful chemicals or hazardous materials. They typically have thick rubber fingers and extended cuffs to protect against splashes and spills. First-responder gloves are also designe to provide insulation from cold weather conditions.

Butyl Rubber Gloves

Laboratory Gloves: Laboratory Gloves are widely use in scientific laboratories across many industries because they offer protection from dust allergies, pollens, and other common allergens. They also come in different dimensions, shapes, sizes, and colors to better match each worker's unique style.

Laboratory Gloves usually have latex-free palms, so there will not be any allergic reactions when wearing them.

  • Nitrile gloves are suitable for general work and are easy to clean.
  • Latex examination gloves are suitable for handling chemicals and other hazardous materials.
  • Powder-free gloves are suitable for people with allergies or other skin sensitivities.
  • Electrical safety gloves are suitable for people working with electricity.

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