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 As the situation, legally speaking, isn’t exactly Online Gambling Malaysia favourable for Malaysians who are looking to bet online, we need to face the options that are available and contemplate the circumstances that surround them. The Malaysian online gambling market is in need of contemporary regulation and even if the current legislative texts don’t deem it illegal explicitly.

Web-based gambling is considered against the law. On the bright side, most of the major international betting sites accept customers from Malaysia and even process deposits and withdrawals in BETWOS Malaysian ringgits.

Online Gambling Malaysia

Overseas casinos are the source of online entertainment for players who wouldn’t dare enter the ‘Fun City Above The Clouds’, aka Casino de Genting. They can play a wide range of casino games from the comforts of their homes and enjoy interacting with live dealers while playing live Citibet poker, baccarat or live blackjack.

We’re happy to point out to some of the active casino sites which are Malaysian-friendly, process casino payments in ringgits and Football Betting Malaysia offer their content in both Malaysian and English.Online gambling regulation in Malaysia

As a predominantly Muslim country, Malaysia treats gambling as something illegal by default. Under Sharia law, no Muslim person is allowed to set Gdlotto foot in a gambling institution or play any type of gambling game. The little population that does spend money on games of chance is mostly of Chinese descent and nationality, or Indian.

There are several major legal frameworks that regulate the gaming scene in Malaysia. The most prominent of these is the Betting Act 1953, Live Casino Malaysia which deems ‘common betting houses’ illegal. Genting Highlands Resort is the only exception, Things in physical venues, or better said in the absence of land-based casinos are pretty clear-cut. Not so much when we switch to online gambling. 

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There are no specific references to online gambling in any laws or amendments to the current legal acts in Malaysia. It is known, however, that the Casino Malaysia government is not fond of online casinos, does not issue any licenses for them and instructs banks to obstruct transfers to online casinos based overseas.

If you do decide to gamble online out of Malaysia, it’s best to stick with international sites that are not based in your country. The ones that exist and are locally based are surely illegal, operating underground with no regulation. You will be better off at Slot Game Malaysia licensed websites with no physical presence in Malaysia. Luckily, we know a few and you can enjoy high-quality live dealer games at these venues, make deposits Nova88 and request withdrawals in ringgits at some of them and have the content translated for you to Malay. 

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It’s also good to know that you’ll have alternatives when it comes to banking, since Maybank, one of the most popular banking choices in Malaysia, is commonly known to Malaysia Online Casino block deposits and transfers to well-known casino websites. You can easily avoid this by using e-wallets.