The benefits of a coffee capsule filling and sealing machine

At Coffee Capsule Filling And Sealing Machine, you can find the best packaging options for all the popular coffee capsules on the market, including Nespresso compatible, plastic, aluminum, and biodegradable capsules as well as Kcups, LB, Point, Modo Mio, and Dolce Gusto capsules.

Coffee Capsule Filling Sealing Machine

The pure aluminum Nespresso/Biodegradable Nespresso Capsule will be the standard capsules as a result of the implementation of the Plastic Bag Ban. The following Coffee K Cup Filling Sealing Machine is made specifically for the coffee capsules produce Guangzhou SANEU Packing Machine.

The Guangzhou SANEU Packing Machine – Coffee Capsule Filling 

  • The vibration capsule sorting feeding machine will be an alternative because Nespresso capsules are not stackable.
  • You can pour the capsules onto a capsule elevator, which will then elevate them into a vibration capsule sorting feeding device.
  • The machine’s quick, accurate, and steady operation, as well as its long lifespan and pleasing rhythm, determined the high strength and high precision chain wheel, gearbox, bearing, and dividing box.

Sealing Machine has some advantages

  • In order to significantly increase production capacity and ensure the machine’s useful life, high-quality pneumatic components ensure that the machine’s air circuit operates steadily. That the air pressure inside the machine is stable, and that the airflow is even. This greatly reduces the likelihood of failure.
  • A proper manufacturing environment for capsule production is provided by a UV sterilization system;
  • The issue of static electricity in the powder packaging process has been mostly resolve by an electromagnetic storm, preventing the packaging process from failing;
  • The peristaltic pump drop filling apparatus is prepare for the future addition of liquid tastes to the capsule;


  • The second makes the heat seal stronger. Even if the first heat seal fails, it eliminates the possibility of defective products entering the market;
  • The online weighing equipment instantly transmits the data back to the PLC, identifies the flawed goods, and eliminates them;
  • The discharging over-turning gear gets ready for the subsequent bagging or cartooning of the capsule;
  • Counts the output of the final capsules automatically;
  • Roll film cutting and sealing system: Using a fine-toothed, high-precision cylinder blade, it can cut and seal rolls online at the same time.
  • An error of 0.1mm. A servo motor drives roll film expansion and dragging with high precision using an identification mark method.
  • When nitrogen source pressure and flow rate satisfy the requirements, the nitrogen filling system generates a low-pressure environment with less than 2% oxygen remaining inside the capsule, sealing and encasing the fresh coffee;
  • The worldwide PLC and HMI software installation inconsistency problem, as well as the inability to update. Check, and back up the machine’s programs due to network issues, are both largely resolve the remote control system. Additionally, the customer can check daily in real-time. Through the mobile app whether the machine’s parameter value is normal. As well as the machine’s failure rate, production efficiency, and other factors.
  • Screw feeders and vacuum feeders are available for customers to choose from when configuring the appropriate automatic replenishment system.


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