UCI Magnet & More Co., Limited Offer Magnetic Labels Range

UCI Magnet & More Co., Limited is a renowned manufacturer of magnetic, detachable, dry erase, and another home, school, office, advertising, and other markets. We have transformed itself into an industry-leading innovator based on our management team’s vision, deep magnetic material and industrial knowledge, and dedicated product design and expansion team. Are you looking for Dry erase calendar magnetic, then you can check out our range of magnets. We also can work with you and your team to carry your product plans and ideas to life.

The company also supplies specialty labels with various adhesives and available in standard colours such as pink, cream, orange, red, green, yellow, or blue. Still, they can also purchase in fluorescents and metallic colors. For years the company has produced everything from food labels to industrial labelling and products for the medical industry. We can provide an excellent labelling solution.

We will provide a range of specialist synthetic magnetic label sheets. The company features high-energy magnets that positively grip ferrous rollers for proper, hands-free operation. Want to purchase Magnetic labels for whiteboards, then we have lots of options for you. You can always choose between our designs or produce using your custom designs; we are flexible in how we work with our clients! Want to buy an extensive range of magnetic labels, then feel free to visit our official website.

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