Vacuum cooling has several advantages: Take a look.

Unlike spiral towers and ambient cooling, vacuum cooling is a fast and efficient option.  Vacuum-assisted evaporative cooling is used to swiftly and efficiently evaporate water at significantly lower temperatures. In addition to speeding up the baking process, this innovation of Vacuum Cooling of Fruits and Vegetables improves bread’s quality and shelf life. 

Vacuum cooling has several advantages. 

  • Shorten the overall cycle time of the batch. 
  • Increase manufacturing rates by reducing the time it takes for products to cool down. 
  • Increase the cooling capacity or lower the time spent on the floor. 
  • Shape, stability, and volume are all prioritized. 
  • For a more extended period, thicken and Vegetable Cooling System up the crust. 
  • Increase the strength of the crust and prevent the degradation of freshness by maximizing the resilience of the crust 
  • Elevate food safety and hygiene standards in the workplace 
  • Reduce post-baking contamination to extend the shelf life of mold-free baked products. 

At a temperature of 96°C (205°F), product parts are put in a vacuum cooling machine chamber, which is sealed to prevent gas exchange and partial air evacuation, to complete this operation. so, The chamber’s pressure drops as a vacuum pump removes air from the cooling environment. so, Because of the vacuum pressure, free water in the product boils at a lower temperature. 


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