What is K Cup Filling Sealing Machine?

Every K Cup may automatically filled with a specific product, K Cup Filling Sealing Machine have an aluminum lid placed on top, and then sealed so that it is ready to be brewed.

It might take a variety of goods. So, including K Cup Filling Sealing Machine soluble powders like chocolate powders, herbal tea leaves, and powdered coffee in the form of granules or leaves.

The sort of cup you use will depend on the various goods you intend to fill it with, such as an empty K Cup with a quick filter for coffee. so, a slower paper filter for herbal tea leaves, or just an empty K Cup for soluble powders.

The K Cup Sealing Machine produces more K Cups per hour than the manual method of sealing each one.

K Cup Filling Sealing Machine

Every parameter may be change the operator using the touch screen HMI, including the weight (which can be changed from 10.5g to 13g), capacity, machine speed, and sealing temperature.

There are numerous K Cup Filling Sealing Machine available. so, and they vary depending on the demands and capacities, the size and capacity, the budget, etc.

And depending on the mold alteration, certain machines can work with a variety of single-serve capsules, including K Cup, K shot, and even Nespresso pod.

How does the machine fill the K Cup with coffee?

A specially constructed drill powered by a servo motor is the key component of the system.

The auger is drive a powerful and precise Brushless servo motor. So, which causes the auger to rotate and output coffee into each K Cup Filling And Sealing Machine.

The PLC translates and outputs signals to the servo controller, and the servo controller operates the servo motor. You can adjust the parameters on the touch screen.

A K Cup contains how much coffee?

As the filter is of good quality and does not break, SANEU delivers a high-grade filter-ready k cup with 12–13g of coffee. so, The majority of roasters or brands concur and recommend putting 0.3 to 0.4 ounces—or 9.5 to 12 grams—of coffee in each cup. Being under 9.5 grams would influence the taste and strength of the coffee, and being overweight would result in sealing issues.


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