What makes your bathroom a 5-star hotel look?

Basin tap  How many times have you wished that you didn't have to leave a hotel room because it was so beautiful? Luxurious bathrooms are often the most extravagant and elegant features in upscale hotels. However, amazing bathrooms aren't just found in hotels and commercial buildings.
A hotel-style bathroom can be created in your home in several ways.
Instead of making the bathroom a daily chore, spend more time pampering yourself. 

Here are 6 tips for creating your dream bathroom:

Shower accessories
  1. Adding a beautiful vanity mirror to stunning lighting will complete the look.
  2. Imagine the most luxurious bathroom you've ever used and add some chairs.
  3. Replace your bathtub or shower mixer with a new one.
  4. Shower faucet Shower heads need to be replaced.
  5. Make the space whiter
  6. Arrange the space in an artful manner
Shower mixer faucet

The following tips will help you create an amazing Shower mixer hotel bathroom at home, perhaps even better than those found in fancy hotels.
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